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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 3, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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at the bargaining table. they just finished about an hour and a half ago after another nightmarish commute for people forced to take all the ferries and the buses around the bay. but unfortunately, even if there is a deal it's too little too late for this morning's commute. let's check with elizabeth wenger on our traffic this morning. >> thanks. i'm hoping. july 3rd, the day before a long holiday weekend approaching, hopefully today traffic will be better than the last two days because commuters are weary of it now. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. once again no bart service this morning. so we are seeing slight delays not much but your usual ones right there approaching the cash lanes. fastrak users get by fine across the upper deck. let's check the drive times. out of the altamont pass, looks good. nimitz through oakland and the eastshore freeway no delays. no big hot spots out there now. bart systemwide of course no service. but they are offering those
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charter bus services and they are offering more transbay buses and they will be starting this morning more buses at the walnut creek station. so look out for those. muni, caltrain, ac transit also stepping in to help. as commuter backlash grows both sides are back at the bargaining table along with a new set of state mediators. chris filippi reports. >> reporter: union leaders say progress has been made but they can't talk specifics. service employees international union local 1021's chief negotiator. >> we worked very hard to believe both parties along with fine mediators assigned by the governor's office and we have been asked not to speak to the press other than to make that single comment. >> reporter: state mediators have been guiding the latest negotiations and will also participate when talks resume at 1 p.m. bart has reached an agreement
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with a smaller union. that means about 200 managers an office personnel are going back to work. but that's not enough for bart to resume service. in oakland, chris filippi, kcbs. >> bart employees are among the highest paid transit workers in the country according to a study commissioned by bart. bart station agents earn more than $64,000 a year. that's more than what workers can make at other agencies including here in san francisco's muni, new york's mta the metro in washington, d.c. empty bart trains were running for a little while yesterday. managers were at the controls running those trains to keep the tracks from rusting. chopper 5 followed this one to hayward where many more trains were idle in the yard. but for people trying to get to work it was rough yesterday. ferry ridership tripled. freeways in and out of the city were jammed. and the rush on bart's three shuttle services so bad the buses in walnut creek were full
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by 7 a.m. >> i got here later here yesterday, 8:30, and i was able to get on the shuttle. so i'm here earlier and now i can't get on a bus. it's ridiculous. >> not even 8:00. we need buses to get to work. you guys promised you would have them. this strike is ridiculous. >> you should have planned for this! you told me on the phone last night 7:00 to 9:00. >> bart plans to bring in even more buses to walnut creek today. if you hope to snag a seat, show up by 7:30 at the latest. here's a breakdown of those buses this morning. walnut creek is getting additional buses making 20 buses available at that station. fremont and dublin-pleasanton will have 10 buses each, 7 buses will be at the el cerrito del norte stations and west oakland will have 32 buses. for some drivers just making it to a congestion
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freeway was a blessing. surface streets were a nightmare. the best way to get through the cars was a motorcycle. a photographer outfitted with a helmet cam weaved his way around all that congestion. kpix 5's mike sugerman has more now on the long drive home. reporter: >> it's the pits, terrible. >> reporter: lots of things are the pits crowded buses, lines, waiting for carpools, packed freeways. but before you even can complain about being on a freeway, you have to get to a freeway. and generally, that means driving on san francisco city streets. this could be the worst traffic of all of it. how long have you been waiting to get to here? >> probably 25 minutes. >> reporter: 25 minutes? where'd you come from? >> down the road there. >> reporter: that's less than a mile and he was only halfway to the freeway in the middle of the day. that's a good time for this week. >> some people told me it was
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about an hour, about two hours. >> reporter: that's to travel about a mile. parking control officer nicole chambers said people were treating her pretty well except for the guy who tried to run her over. >> we have complete staffing full complement of parking control officers out on city streets to make sure that we're not only moving traffic but make sure it's moving efficiently. >> reporter: it may be an impossible task. san francisco streets turned into a funnel of sorts to get on the bay bridge to avoid the skyway section, with several different roads leading to one entrance and no one wants to miss out getting his turn quickly. >> taxi, stop, taxi! hello? >> reporter: this guy among dozens all day blocking the intersection. are you going to ticket? >> they could actually technically get a $100 gridlock ticket. >> reporter: are you going to write him a ticket? >> right now, no. >> reporter: there are a lot fewer giving out tickets because they're all directing
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traffic. something's got to give. in san francisco, mike sugerman kpix 5. >> stay right here with kpix 5 for continuing coverage of the bart strike and all the negotiations. we have also posted a strike survival guide with a commute alternative on check it out. ac transit and its union workers will resume talks today. the workers' contract also ran out at midnight sunday, but the unions voted to avoid a strike and keep talking. the major union concerns, worker safety and plans to replace sheriff's deputies assigned to ac transit with private security guards. some developing news from cairo this morning. thousands of protestors are gathered in tahrir square today. they are waiting for today's deadline for president mohamed morsi to step down. the deadline was set by the egyptian military. the army chief is meeting with his top commanders. morsi is vowing to stay in office. a powerful earthquake in western indonesia has killed 22
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people. yesterday's 6.1 quake injured more than 200 people, damaged more than 1500 homes. soldiers, police and volunteers all now searching through the debris in an effort to find more survivors. new details this morning in the search for nsa leaker edward snowden. it was suspected he was on bolivian president morales' plane headed to bolivia and the flight was rerouted to austria. it turns out edward snowden was not on the plane. morales had suggested his government would be willing to consider granting asylum. a candlelight memorial was held for the arizona firefighters who died battling a wildfire this past weekend. >> christopher mckenzie, 30. [ bell ] >> the names of each of the 19 men who died read one by one last night. meanwhile marlie hall has more on the investigation into how this elite team got caught with nowhere to run. reporter: this is our first look at the area where the members of the granite mountain hotshots died near yarnell,
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arizona. the elite team found itself cut off by wind whipped flames. >> once the wind kicks up it becomes a problem and makes it very difficult to control the fire and get after it. >> reporter: the hotshots were last heard from at 4 p.m. sunday as they were moving to fight the fire between two ridges. a national weather service station several miles away recorded a rapid change in the direction and speed of the wind. what was a south-southeast wind began gusting from the north at 40 miles an hour and quickly overtook them. the fire station here in prescott, arizona has become a makeshift memorial. some come to mourn firefighters, others to mourn friends. this person grew up with julian ashcraft whose husband andrew is among the dead. she is taking pictures of these messages of grief and gratitude for the four ashcraft children. >> just heart breaking that those kids will have to live without their dad and i just hope that this might later on
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bring them some peace. >> reporter: julianne says the children are too young to understand. >> i have told them every chance i have gotten since then, your dad loves you and he's with you and they just call him their angel. they will see him in heaven. >> reporter: formal memorial services are pending. marlie hall for cbs news, prescott, arizona. >> community leaders in prescott praised the single is your arriving member of the hotshot team for doing his job serving as a lookout and reporting the shifting wind. 4:39. fog making a comeback. >> it was cool. >> not bad. >> a little fog out there around the bay area a little thick. we have some dense fog approaching the coastline this morning but we are going to heat things right back up again as triple digits likely in some of the interior valleys. outside toward the coastline 55 degrees in pacifica but 65 in livermore, 66 fairfield and 60 degrees in the napa valley. the heat warning is extended now until tomorrow. those hot temperatures just
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slow to move on out. so looks like it is going to be another hot day today and probably tomorrow at least in the interior valleys. the 90s and triple digits inland. 90 in san jose. you want to beat the heat. 67 in pacifica, that's the latest forecast. back to you. new this morning, you can now drive up interstate 80 and get to reno again. a mud slide blocked the road this side of the nevada state line for about four hours yesterday. it was reopened at 11 p.m. thunderstorms caused flash flooding that sent rocks and mud and debris on the freeway there as you can see. they worked feverishly to get it off. traffic backed up for miles while caltrans cleared a foot of mud off i-80. in bay area news, new rules aimed at keeping fort mason from being trashed again this 4th of july. new signs are up to let people know glass containers and kegs are not allowed on the great meadow. they added new trash cans at the fort along the san
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francisco waterfront. last 4th of july, people left mounds of trash in the meadow. saying i do in the east bay. more than a dozen gay couples flocked to frank ogawa plaza for a mass wedding ceremony. oakland mayor jean quan joined other city leaders to officiate. this is in celebration of the latest high court ruled that cleared the way for same-sex marriage here in california. it is 4:41. in this weather, you have to be careful not to burn. >> but instead of piling on the sunscreen, there is an option now that you can actually swallow. >> and the bay area's hottest new attraction shuts down. why engineers are blaming the scream factor.
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summer vacation arrived rig along with the bay area's hottest new attraction... our own vern glenn took a heart-stopping ride on great america's new "gold striker" vern glenn roller coaster master! summer vacation arrives along with the bay area's hottest new
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attraction. he took a heart-stopping ride on the roller coaster. it's a ride to remember. kiet do says if you want to ride it now, you have to wait. reporter: when you're working, the last thing you want to hear all day is someone else not working. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the problem with great america's newest roller coaster is that it's about 500 feet away from this office building. [ screaming ] >> reporter: much of the hooting, hollering and screaming, i'm looking at you, vern, can be a problem. shortly after the coaster opened in june, audio technicians were spotted on the building's roof. sound levels were slightly above the limit. why not tell your neighbors, look, it's a roller coaster. that's what people do. they scream. >> we're happy they're screaming a little bit on the coaster. we're happy they're enjoying it and making noise. the reality is we want to be a good part of this community. >> reporter: engineers pinpointed the problem. this dip that stretches about 70 feet. it happens direct line of sight
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to the building and it's where riders are especially noisy. >> the gold striker is closed today. >> reporter: great america has shut the ride down and began construction on a so-called sound tunnel to suppress the noise. when it's done, it will look just like this larger tunnel. >> we want to work with the city. santa clara has been good to us for a long time. we have good neighbors. they bring the business to us and we want to be part of the fabric of the commute and do what's best for everyone. >> reporter: riders on the gold striker were frustrated but understanding. if you only had one chance to come to this park, today was that day and you couldn't ride this coaster. >> it sucks. >> i think anybody would be bummed out if they couldn't go on this right. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. >> i would be bummed out if i went there and couldn't. that's the only reason i would want to go there. great inspectors has inspectors scheduled to check it out today. they hope to open for the 4th of july weekend hopefully tomorrow sometime. >> by the way, it is the 3rd of july. boy, tomorrow the big holiday. what do you think about the
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forecast? are we going to be able to see the fireworks over the bay? >> that's the big question. we may have some patchy fog. so when did riding roller coaster become a sport? we have vern glenn out there riding roller coasters? that's my kind of job. more fog and low clouds, thick at the coast and the bay. the top of the bay bridge disappearing in the low cloud deck and stretching onshore this morning. outside watch out for some dense fog out toward the beaches along 280 you may run into some foggy conditions. also into the bay. and then mostly clear and mild inland. 70s inside the bay and 60s and clouds at the coastline. today hot, high pressure still in control wrap around moisture and monsoonal moisture in the area. finally seeing an end in sight to the heat wave.
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cooler weather is expected to move in friday ushering in a cooler weekends in the bay area. 111 degrees in the fresno. watch out for thunderstorms in the high sierra nevada as we have that monsoonal moisture headed in that direction. temperatures break down like this. 102 in livermore. but a comfortable 72 degrees in san francisco. 90 in san jose. next couple of days, we'll see those hot temperatures continuing and cooling off on friday. much cooler over the weekend. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. our picture of the bay bridge toll plaza is making us nervous for what's in store for the rest of the morning commute. we are already seeing delays once again, just in the outer cash lanes but at 4:47 this morning we already have a wait. fastrak users are still getting by okay but just a heads up. if you are usually commuting the bay bridge they have been turning the metering lights on up to an hour earlier due to the bart strike. so don't be surprised if the metering lights are turned on
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again before 6:00 and we see delays. the past couple of days we have seen the delays backed up to the macarthur maze before 6 a.m. leave now as you can see, some folks are already doing that. fog in the bay area. so visibility an issue coming from marin county. this is the golden gate bridge. drive time top speeds. 880 in oakland, the nimitz looks good. usually this time of the morning northbound 880 heading towards downtown. couple of drive times in the east bay. westbound 580 still looks good and if you are commuting the eastshore freeway, westbound 80 so far no delays yet through berkeley. down towards the south bay milpitas, silicon valley commute, westbound 237 not impacted at all. everything is quiet towards the 101. once again golden gate ferries offering regular service. but there will be extra ferries for alameda and vallejo. they saw anywhere from 2 to 3 times normal capacity by yesterday afternoon. that is a check of your latest
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traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. a canadian trucker made the morning tougher on the golden gate bridge yesterday. he didn't see the signs and you see what happened. he was stuck in the tollbooth. part of the toll plaza was damaged and the truck's front axle snapped. it took a heavy duty tow truck to haul it out of there. >> this gentleman driving this vehicle is from canada, apparently, and did not know or did not get over to the right lanes in time. he therefore got stuck in the toll plaza. >> the accident caused a backup on the bridge. nobody was hurt. 4:49. a [ indiscernible ] led to a six-figure settlement. a woman had her newborn daughter taken away in 2010 because she failed a dru test. she had had a poppy seed bagel for breakfast and tested
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positive for opiates. the child was removed from her. she sued and got the child back and money in damages. sun is shining bright and sunscreen for some people is too much of a hassle. elizabeth cook shows us a new option that you swallow in this morning's healthwatch. reporter: the most popular sunscreen pill on the market is called heliocare. it's derived from a fern extract. >> americans for centuries have used this extract to treat disorders and skin diseases. >> reporter: dr. brian horvat's in human and animal studies it has anti-inflammatory effects by protecting the skin from uv damage. >> on skin biopsy they had less dna damage and that may help not just with sunburns but preventing skin cancer and things like wrinkles. >> quick and easy. >> i might try it if they had other people try it first. >> reporter: but the biggest study only had 12 people in it.
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and the effective dose is not known. plus, because it's a supplement, the manufacturer is responsible for safety, not the fda. >> i would never rely on the pill alone to protect you from sunburn or skin cancer. at this stage it's an adjunct something you use with sunscreen and photo protective clothing. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> the fda has tested regular topical sunscreens and it has an spf number but the pills do not. 4:51. airlines are starting to honor the phrase man's best friend. >> where fido can earn frequent flyer miles too. >> okay. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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how about the 4th of july forecast? clouds at the coastline maybe slipping inside the bay but great viewing inland. those temperatures fairly mild, mid-60s san francisco. upper 70s into san jose. >> and we are on bart strike day 3. checking the roads now it is already busy at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is not even 5:00. over at the golden gate bridge they are doing the overnight roadwork and lane changes now, a lot of fog, as well. but the san mateo bridge flowing nicely, more traffic coming up. 4:54 now. police departments across the bay area learned more about a technology that helps catch the bad guys. the department out of richmond, oakland, east palo alto and san francisco all gathered in newark yesterday to learn more about shotspotter technology. it's used to trace the signature sounds of gunshots an officers use that information to respond to an area where gun was heard. >> on a map you see the officers get an opportunity to see a map that has a dot on it so they are able to see
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approximately where that incident has taken place. it affords them the opportunity to respond in the most appropriate and safe way. >> police are now looking into this before the 4th of july holiday. that's so they know the difference between fireworks and gunshots. general motors and honda are joining forces to create cars that run on a different kind of fuel. the companies plan to develop hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by the year 2020. the cars have electric motors that run on a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. gm and honda are also pushing for more hydrogen fueling stations. a las vegas casino is going green with the second largest solar rooftop project in the country. mandalay bay on the strip expects the 6.2-megawatt installation to be finished next year. the casino says it should generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 1,000 homes. virgin airlines is offering frequent flyer miles to four-
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legged passengers. the company will give members up to 300 points when they travel with a small pet. the offer is only good on virgin's australian brand. jetblue offers a similar program in the u.s. >> grab your dog and go on vacation. 4:56. a key part of president obama's healthcare overhaul is being postponed. >> his surprising announcement and who is set to benefit from the setback. >> reporter: i'm cate caugiran live in the east bay where negotiations between bart management and the union groups wrapped up just a few hours ago. but we're in for another day of strikes. we'll give you an update on the overnight progress. >> and we are taking a look now from mobile5 driving along, no real backups yet but, of course, it's not even 5 a.m. we'll be keeping an eye on your traffic all morning long. bart strike day 3. we'll be right back. ,,
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today. the latest on the negotiations aimed at getti bart trains running again. and a bay area carmaker tryg to drum up support. the newf between tesla and american dealerships. weather ad libs traffic ad libs good morning. it's wednesday, july 3-rd. i'm anne makovec. michelle griego is off. and i'm frank mallicoat tims 5-- let's get a look at weatherd traffic. here's meteorologist lawrence.
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day three of the bart strik underway. after talking overnight... union and bart


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